Monday, 28 November 2016

A TS has duration of 3/5200 seconds (577 ms). Eight TSs shape a TDMA frame, with around 4.62 ms span. At the BTS the TDMA frame on the greater part of the radio recurrence directs in the downlink bearing are adjusted. The same applies to the uplink. 

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

This is the continuous Article for Channel Concept here i am going to explain MAPPING OF LOGICAL CHANNELS:


An unmoving MS hunt down the recurrence amendment channel. At the point when the MS finds the recurrence rectification burst it realizes this is time space 0 on c0. Note that the BCCH transporter, c0, in one cell need not be equivalent to c0 in another cell utilizing the same channel portion. c0 is just utilized as a part of GSM suggestions to name the recurrence that conveys the BCCH inside of a cell. Furthermore, c0 needs not be the most minimal recurrence utilized as a part of the cell.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Channel consept: Cell Allocation (CA) is the subset of the total frequency band that is accessible for one BTS. It can be seen as the aggregate transport asset accessible for movement between the BTS and its appended MSs. One Radio Frequency CHannel (RFCH) of the CA is utilized to convey synchronization data and the Broadcast Control CHannel (BCCH). This can be any of the bearers in the cell and it is known as the BCCH transporter or the c0 bearer.

Solid proficiency and quality prerequisites have brought about a fairly complex method for using the recurrence asset. This section portrays the fundamental standards of how to utilize this asset from the physical asset itself to the data transport administration offered by the BTS.

GSM 900
GSM 1800
GSM 1900
890 - 915 MHz
1710 - 1785 MHz
1850 - 1910 MHz
935 - 960 MHz
1805 - 1880 MHz
1930 - 1990 MHz

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Here i am going to explain the regular process of basic linux commands used in Corporate companies
Navigation :
To print working directory :  pwd
To change directory            :  cd
To list files and contents of directories :  ls
To list files/direc in long format : ls –l
To list the hidden files/direc : ls –a
To view text files : less  text_file
To know what kind of a file it is : file name_of_file
Manipulating Files:
To Copy files and directories :   cp file1 filenew
To move or rename the files/directories : mv  file1  filenew
To remove the file/directories :   rm file
To make directory : mkdir

Working with commands:
Display Information about command type: type  command(ls,cp..etc)
 To locate the command : which command (ls…etc)
To display the reference page: help –m  command(cd..etc)
To display on-line command interface : man ls

I/O Redirection :
To redirect standard output to a file   : “ > “    ( ls  >  file_list.txt )
To redirect standard output to a file   : “ < ”    (sort <  file_list.txt > sorted_file.txt)
With pipeline the output of one command is fed into input of another :
             ls –l | less   
  rpm –qa| grep –i filename :   Rpm –qa  list  for all rpm files installed on system and  Grep Accweb  it  find any containing the string “accweb” and output them.

sort : Sorts standard input then outputs the sorted result on standard output.
grep : Examines each line of data it receives from standard input and outputs every line that contains a specified pattern of characters.
tail : Outputs the last few lines of its input. (Ex : tail –f logs.txt)

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The OnePlus One was an amazement hit when it was initially declared on account of its effective specifications and reasonable value point. It satisfied our desires as an astounding gadget, leaving its successor with huge shoes to fill.

As such, the OnePlus 2 has been doing quite recently that. Its beautiful screen combined with its new Oxygen OS and well known old elements have made it a great gadget.

The low costs are back again also. The 64GB OnePlus 2 will be accessible with a welcome in India through Amazon India Website from August 11 for Rs 24,999. The 16GB OnePlus 2 with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM will be accessible later.

Energetic fans can visit one of nine pop up experience bases situated on the world on July 31 to sign up for a welcome and be one of the first to see the OnePlus 2. You can likewise tune into OnePlus' online networking channels beginning August 1 for an opportunity to get a welcome.

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