It is generally utilized as a part of the current "IT" Industry, due to the consumer loyalty.

In Agile Model "the arrival on speculation" (ROI) is defeated a brief time of time where the customer needs to create certain sum at first and get back the venture inside three months or 6 months.

The documentation part is negligible in the Agile Model.

Time is a vital compel in which the improvement of the venture and testing ought to be done inside the due date then no one but we can convey the task with in "3 Months"

Methods in Agile Model:

Ø  Scrum
Ø  Xtreme Programming (XP)


The project development will be for 2 to 3 months consider that there are 5 modules in which “A,B” are expected in “1st release and in 2nd release “C,D & E”
Now if the project with only “A” model is developed and “B” is in pending at that time only the module “A” is released in 1st release & 2nd release “B,C,D & E”

Xtreme Programming:

This methodology will be for short period of time. Ex: 2 to 3 Weeks
In the 1st release client demands for “A,B & C” and if the “C” is not developed then the client have to wait until the module “C” is developed and has expected in the 1st release “A,B & C” are delivered and in “2nd release” D & E.


        Ø “ROI” is fast and hence the customer satisfaction is more
          Ø  Time consumption is less


        Ø  Cost is very high
          Ø  Documentation is minimal to the project and it will be a challenging task to the testing team.