The OnePlus One was an amazement hit when it was initially declared on account of its effective specifications and reasonable value point. It satisfied our desires as an astounding gadget, leaving its successor with huge shoes to fill.

As such, the OnePlus 2 has been doing quite recently that. Its beautiful screen combined with its new Oxygen OS and well known old elements have made it a great gadget.

The low costs are back again also. The 64GB OnePlus 2 will be accessible with a welcome in India through Amazon India Website from August 11 for Rs 24,999. The 16GB OnePlus 2 with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM will be accessible later.

Energetic fans can visit one of nine pop up experience bases situated on the world on July 31 to sign up for a welcome and be one of the first to see the OnePlus 2. You can likewise tune into OnePlus' online networking channels beginning August 1 for an opportunity to get a welcome.

Specifications and performance
The OnePlus 2 will be dispatching with OnePlus' own working framework, OxygenOS. 

The OnePlus 2 is lightning snappy because of a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip. With up to 64GB of capacity and eMMC 5.0 blaze memory combined with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the handset had the capacity hotshot exactly how smart its interface was.

Apps exchanged rapidly and stacked quick while diversions ran easily amid my utilization. Amid a hustling round of Asphalt 8 from EA, the telephone ran a bit hotter than I'd enjoyed however it was somewhat expected subsequent to the Snapdragon 810 has been blamed for overheating in different gadgets like the LG G Flex 2. 

OxygenOS, in view of Android 5.1, is basically the same as the Android experience. There are unobtrusive customizations like dim mode, the capacity to switch in the middle of equipment and capacitive catches and flip speedy settings prepared in all through the OS.

On screen signals are back again drawing so as to empower you to flip the electric lamp a "V" with your finger (notwithstanding when the gadget is snoozing), an "O" for the camera and two swipes down to play music. 

Changes like dull mode have been utilized as a part of different handsets however the OnePlus 2 permits you to change accent hues and even modify LED notices. 

As indicated by an OnePlus creator, the OS components will probably make it onto Android 5.1 fit as a fiddle or structure, however for the time being, the slight changes are just on the OnePlus 2. 

I especially preferred the OnePlus 2's capacity to change sounds relying upon whether you're utilizing the telephone for music, motion pictures or diversions. By coordinating MaxxAudio tech, the Audio Tuner empowers you to change the 10 band EQ settings for the three alternatives to make custom sound profiles. You'll have the capacity to utilize the tuner for each application also.


Notwithstanding OnePlus' mark Sandstone Black which will be the starting back that is transported out, there will be a scope of spreads including genuine wood assembled Bamboo, Black Apricot, Rosewood and Kevlar. The extra styles can be purchased from the OnePlus site.

The OnePlus 2's aluminum-magnesium amalgam outline and cleaned stainless steel accents encase a HD 5.5-inch IPS LCD In-Cell show. 

The Sandstone Black spread helped me a bit to remember the unusual delicate ground primary schools utilization to pad falls however alternate spreads helped give the OnePlus a more smooth feel. The handset when all is said in done was instantly attractive and without a doubt a strong opponent to the iPhone's out there.

The OnePlus 2's wonderful showcase can perform in direct daylight with 178 degrees of completely clear survey points. The screen additionally sits at a high 600 nits which is 41 nits more than the iPhone 6, 63 nits higher than the iPhone 6 Plus, 231 higher than the LG G4, 128 nits higher than the HTC One M9 and 79 nits higher than the Samsung Galaxy S6. These numbers have been separated from inward OnePlus testing which at first makes it think. Nonetheless, subsequent to taking it outside, the presentation is certainly noticeable in the sun.

Discernibly more strong and sturdy, at only 175 grams, the OnePlus 2 has a decent weight to it and is detectably heavier than the OnePlus One. It's additionally obviously thicker than its antecedent. 

A 3300mAh lithium polymer battery controls the gadget for the duration of the day, and as a double SIM gadget the OnePlus 2 at the same time bolsters two Nano SIM cards with 4G LTE capacity. 

Furnished with a USB Type-C charging port, made famous by the new MacBook, the OnePlus is one of only a handful few cell phones out that is making ready for the appropriation of USB Type-C. As per the organization, the OnePlus charging link uses licensed innovation making the Type-A side reversible too.

Like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, the OnePlus 2 is furnished with a unique mark scanner, which is another component the OnePlus One didn't have. Clients can now wake and open the gadget with one of five put away fingerprints probably in under a large portion of a second, however I didn't see it stacking up especially quick. 

Furthermore, the OnePlus 2 includes a ready slider for speedy access to custom warning settings. Exceptional on an Android gadget, the ready slider can quiet the gadget with a basic snap.


The OnePlus 2 has a 13MP back confronting camera that brags six physical lenses, a double LED blaze, and f/2.0 opening. Maybe most great is the sensor, which contains substantial 1.3 micrometer light-gathering pixels to convey low-light shots.

The OnePlus 2 camera has been built for enhanced clarity and security, fulfilled with the expansion of a progressed Optical Image Stabilization framework. Back mounted laser innovation hones and centers the camera in only .33 milliseconds and the wide-point 5MP front-confronting camera guarantees each edge is secured. 

There are three unique modes you can shoot in: Clear Shot, HDR and Beauty. Squeezing the menu secure pulls the decisions on the right hand side of the edge. Swiping to the right pulls up alternatives for feature, display, time slip by and moderate movement feature catch. Swiping to the right gives you a chance to see the pictures you just took. Right now, zooming in on pictures doesn't reliably work right, yet an OnePlus engineer let me know that the first over-the-air overhaul will address the issue. He guaranteed me that would be the biggest essential fix with a couple of unspecified littler bugs tossed in with the upgrade.

Moreover, the OnePlus 2 likewise underpins 4K feature and RAW pictures - where both will be accessible through a redesign not long after dispatch. 

Beside that zooming issue, the camera took fresh, clear photographs with a positive qualification between its three shooting modes while being a brisk snapper too.


At this time, the OnePlus 2 is a strong handset and approaching Rs 24,999 for the 64GB isn't excessively shabby.

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